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My name is Sarah and I love reading!

I became an avid bookworm as a twenty something and then as a thirty something with the advent of the Kindle ereader I became a self-confessed book addict. The book website Goodreads also helped meed this addiction to reading. I went from reading maybe twelve books in a year to well over a hundred in the same time frame.

As a kid, I remember having to read books from the school library which wasn't well stocked and after reading them we'd have to write a book review. I used to hate it because I never knew what to write and more often than not would end up something like "I read [INSERT BOOK TITLE HERE] by [INSERT AUTHOR HERE]. I really liked it". So I was quite surprised that when I started reviewing my books on Goodreads that I quite enjoyed the process and that I had a lot more to say about the books than I did as a kid.

The main reason I love reviewing a book I have just read is it helps me to think more about the book and often gives me a different perspective on the story and the characters. It also helps to remind me what I thought of the book months or even years on and I can go back and read through the review. I quite like reading through my old reviews and on occasions I surprise myself with what I've written.

One of the main reasons I enjoy reading is the escapism it provides and because of this, I tend to enjoy reading books that are fantastical, that are not based in our world. Therefore I mostly read Fantasy and Science Fiction books. I do read other genres too such as mystery, thrillers, horror and historical fiction but for the purpose of this blog, I will only be posting reviews and discussing Fantasy and Science Fiction books.

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  1. Please let us know if we may add you to the series ARC list for New Praetorians “Wonder Woman meets Jason Bourne in a near-future superheroine origin story.”


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