Monday, 8 September 2014

Mailbox Monday (9)

Mailbox Monday is a book meme which is hosted by Marcia at Mailbox Monday blog.

In this post, you can see which books I have bought, received for review, or borrowed this past week.

This has been an exciting week for books as I won one! And I also got hold of a book through NetGalley which I have been really looking forward to. That always cheers me up! Here is what made it in to my house:

Personal Purchases:

Free Books

I received The Lost Empress through NetGalley. It's part of a series about a Genealogist who solves mysteries and I have thoroughly enjoyed the other books in the series. I was really excited about this book and it is due out around my birthday so I was going to treat myself to it but then I saw it on NetGalley and now I can spend my pennies on another book instead.

The Magician's Lie I also received through NetGalley - it said it was for fans of Water for Elephants and The Night Circus, both of which I really liked. And the most exciting thing of all...I won Acceptance on Goodreads. It is the third book in the Southern Reach Trilogy. So I HAD to buy book two, Authority (see above), so I could carry on with the series.

Library Books Borrowed:

Have you read any of these? If so, what did you think? If not, do any of them take your fancy?


  1. I haven't read any of those but I love the cover of Authority - it makes me want to pick up the book.

    1. I like bunnies! But that's not why I bought these books...honest! ;-)

  2. Interesting cover on the HP book. Have a good week!

  3. These are all new to me...awesome cover on Authority, however. Enjoy!


  4. Such eye-catching covers! Congrats on your win and Netgalley approvals. Love those "You've been approved" emails :) Happy reading!

  5. What absolutely gorgeous covers.

    The content sounds fantastic too.

    ENJOY them all. I want them!!!

    Have a great week.

    Giveaway going on at my blog until Thursday for Accidents of Marriage if anyone wants to stop by.

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