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Review: Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

Sisters Vivenna and Siri are princesses of Idris. Susebron is the God King one must marry. Lightsong is the reluctant minor god of bravery. Vasher is an immortal still trying to undo mistakes of centuries before. Magic from individual breath from everyday objects can perform all manner of miracles and mischief.

All revisions of this book starting from the rough draft, except the copyediting stage, were published by Brandon Sanderson under a Creative Commons license and can be read online as well as downloaded from his website.
Reading Format: Audiobook
Year Read: 2013
Star Rating: 5 stars

This is the first book by Brandon Sanderson that I have read (or in this case listened to) and I thought it was fantastic. In fact, I immediately started to read another of his books, Elantris, ater I put down Warbreaker because I liked his writing style so much.

I really liked how he introduced each of the main characters, how he portrayed them - their interests, what they stood for, what they looked like etc. and how the characters progressed and grew as people (and Gods and Returned). The viewpoint shifted between four main characters - Siri, Vivenna, Lightsong, and Vasher, and it alternated between them throughout to progress the story. I always knew who was the focus and each character was very distinct.

Warbreaker tells the story of two princesses of Idris. It was agreed that the eldest daughter, Vivenna, would be sent to marry the God King, Susebron, of the rival nation Hallendren. Instead, the younger of the two, Siri, ends up being sent. Both sisters become involved in very different ways in the events leading up to a war which seems imminent between the two nations.

I listened to the audio book and the narrator (James Yaegashi) was fantastic! He had slightly different voices for each character and I thought they each fitted really well with their personality and the voices were believable too (and not annoying).

I really liked all the characters, even the bad guys, but I particularly liked Siri (one of the Idrian Princesses sent to marry the God King), Susebron (the God King), Lightsong (one of the Returned), and Vasher.

I quickly became engrossed in the story and I loved the magic system that Sanderson created within in. Because the magic system was based on colour, it made the descriptions of objects, places and events very visual which I loved and I had a great imagining and understanding of what the characters and the fantasy world looked like.

Sanderson is a prolific writer and since reading this book, I have read many of his (and have many awaiting my attention on my book shelves/kindle). It's good that he writes a lot as it means that you don't have to wait too long for the next book in a series like some fantasy authors out there. It's looking like Sanderson is going to be writing another book based in the same world as Warbreaker although I don't know whether it is a continuation of the story or not as yet. I eagerly await it's release!

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